Change Active voice into Passive voice (Past perfect tense).
Difficulty: Easy

                  Active Voice

         Passive Voice

I had lost three pencils

Three pencils had been lost by me

You had broken my mirror

My mirror had been broken by you

Had they not written any fiction?

Had any fiction not been written by them?

His father had not beaten him

He had not been beaten by his father

He had already made tea

Tea had already been made by him

They had finished the work

The work had been finished by them

She had changed her clothes

Her clothes had been changed by her

The farmer had not yet sown the seeds

The seeds had not yet been sown by the farmer

She had prepared everything

Everything had been prepared by her

I had seen him twice

He had been seen by me twice

Qasim had delivered a speech

A speech had been delivered by Qasim

We had caught the train

The train had been caught by us

Had the doctor tested my eyes?

Had my eyes been tested by the doctor?

Who had seen the lion?

By whom had the lion been seen?