Change Active voice into Passive voice (Past continuous tense).
Difficulty: Easy

Active voice

Passive voice

I played two matches

Two matches were played by me

Why did you buy a pen?

Why was a pen bought by you?

She did not read this novel

This novel was not read by her

He knocked at my door yesterday

My door was knocked at yesterday by him

They saw a strange hen

A strange hen was seen by them

I controlled my fear

My fear was controlled by me

She did not recognized you

 You were not recognized by her

Did you eat an apple?

Was an apple eaten by you?

I was signing a national song

A national song was being sung by me

They were plucking flowers

Flowers were being plucked by them

He was not taking tea

Tea was not being taken by him

Was she washing my trousers?

Were my trousers being washed by her?

The teacher was teaching us a new lesson

We were being taught a new lesson by teacher

He was reading a book

A book was being read by him

Were you reading a book?

Was a book being read by you?

What was he doing?

What was being done by him?

You were telling a white lie

A white lie was being told by you

The officer was instructing the staff

The staff was being instructed by the officer

The mason was making the wall

The wall was being made by the mason

They were not boiling eggs

Eggs were not being boiled by them

Was he driving a car?

Was a car being driven by him?