Chief Editor
Describe the virtues (merits/excellences) of the Holy Quran?
Difficulty: Medium

Allah is Great. He is very kind to His men. By creating men He not only fulfilled their needs but also created sources of his spiritual guidance. He revealed holy books on His prophets from time to time. The Holy-, Quran holds special importance.


  1. Fountainhead of Guidance

The Holy Quran is a Book of Hidayah i.e., Guidance, for man. It is a book that is available to whole mankind. Its Message in relevant to different peoples living in different parts of the world. The distinctive feature of the Quran as a religious scripture lies in the undeniable fact that it affirms and completes the total process of revelation which has come from the Divine for the guidance of humanity.


  1. Lesson for Warning

In the Holy Quran are mentioned the stories of the rise and fall of nations. These stories will serve as a warning till the world lasts. The Quran has thrown light on the ancient history of the culture and civilization of the Arabs.


  1. Message of Peace and Security

The Holy Quran gave the message of peace and security, freedom and equality. It put an end to difference between black and white, between Arab and non-Arab. It finished regional, racial and linguistic prejudices and laid the foundation of an exemplary society. Personal character was called the criterion of gentility and respectability. The Holy Quran gave the lesson of justice and equality, not only for one's kinsmen but for all. They may be strangers and enemies.


  1. Good Conduct

The Holy Quran gave the lesson of good conduct. It is the fountainhead of virtue, truthfulness, honesty, sympathy and sacrifice, generosity, soft-spokenness and humility. The education and teachings of the Holy Quran changed the stubborn, uncivilized Arab nation.


  1. Quranic Miracle

The Arabs were great linguists. They were proud of their knowledge of languages. They were proud of their oratory and rhetoric. They were so proud of being linguists that they called the rest of the world Ajam which means dumb. But found themselves dumb before the Holy Quran. They could not create even a single work equal any verse of the Holy Quran. Nobody has the courage to bring any amendment in the Holy book. It will remain in its original position for ever.


  1. A Complete Code of Life

The message of the Quran is universal. It acquainted the world with the greatest Islamic revolution. The Holy Quran presents a complete code of life.