What are the types of sentences (as per function)? Give examples.
Difficulty: Easy

Kinds of sentences (as per function)

  • Assertive/ Affirmative sentences

These are the simple sentences:

Dogs bark

Fish swim

They do not help the poor

  • Interrogative sentences

These sentences ask questions:

What are you doing?

Is this your book?

  • Imperative sentences

These sentences express requests order advice suggestions proposals etc:

Give me your book please (request)

Sit down (order)

Do not waste your time (Advice)

Let us go for a walk (suggestion)

  • Exclamatory Sentences

These sentences express the feelings:

Hurrah we have won the match (joy)

Alas! We lost the match (Sorrow)

What a beautiful flower! (Wonder)

  • Optative Sentences

These sentences express a wish or prayer:

May you live long (pray)

I wish that I was rich (wish)