What are the kinds of sentences (on the basis of structure)? Give Examples.
Difficulty: Easy

Kinds of sentences (on the basis of structure):

  1. Simple sentence:

A simple sentence has one subject and one predicate

Ali goes to school

His brother is a brave man

Sana is sleeping

(the underline part is the subject)

  1. Compound Sentence

A compound sentence has two or more clauses of equal rank

A clause is the part of the sentence having a subject and a predicate

Independent clause

A clause which can exist in isolation

Fish swim but birds fly

(clause 1) (clause 2)

Both clauses are independent because both can exist in isolation

Fish swim

Birds fly

Independent clauses in the compound clauses are also called the coordinate clause

Complex sentence:

A sentence which has one main clause and one or more dependent clause

Subordinate clause

A clause which cannot exist in isolation and needs a main clause to complete the sense

They rested          when the evening came

(main clause)       (dependent clause)