Explain the kinds of adverbial conjunctions with the help of examples.
Difficulty: Easy

Kinds of adverbial conjunctions:


Will you wait while I get ready?

The train had started when I reached the station

He started his work as the clock struck ten


He ran fast lest he should miss the train

He serves me well in order that I may be pleased with him

Rashid works hard so that he may pass

Cause or reason

I shall obey since you wish it

He was punished because he was guilty

Let us start as he has come


I will help you if you deserve it

I cannot help you unless you ask for it

Result or consequence

He was so weak that he could scarcely walk

He was so much tired that he could hardly stand

Concession or contrast

You cannot please me however much you may try. He did not forgive, notwithstanding that I asked his pardon

Extent or manner

He choose the players according to they suited him. As you sow, so shall you reap?


Hamid is as brave as Sabir

Zaheer is more intelligent than Sharif