Explain the use of "The".
Difficulty: Easy

Use of "THE”:

Article “the” is used

This is the man who stole my pen

Where is the book which I gave you?

There was a dog. The dog was hungry

Before a singular Noun when it represents a class

The horse is a useful animal. The donkey is a beast of burden

(Exception when man represents a class, the is omitted; Man is mortal. Man is a social animal)

With the names of certain well-known books or journals

The Quran, the Bible the Ramayana, the Dawn, the Pakistan times

Before well-known single objects in the universe

The sun, the earth, the sky, the universe, the pole star, the morning star, the equator

Before the names of rivers, seas, mountain ranges and descriptive names of countries or province

The Chenab, the Ravi, the Arabian sea, the Atlantic Ocean; the Himalayas, Punjab, and the Deccan.

Before a proper Adjective when it stands for the people and not for the language of that nation or country

The Pakistani people are brave. The English people are a strong nation. But we shall say. English is an easy language

Before Nouns which stand for a class

The navy, the army, the bar, the press, the police, the public

Before Adjectives were used as Nouns

The poor are not always happy

The rich seldom care for the helpless or the needy

Before Adjectives in the superlative Degree

He is the best boy in the class. Jamil is the strongest boy in his class.

Before Proper, material and Abstract Nouns:

Kaleen lived in Hyderabad

June is the hottest month of the year

Honesty is the best policy