Explain the types of nouns.
Difficulty: Easy

1. The Proper Noun: A proper noun is the name of some particular person, place or thing, such as Masjid Lahore, the Ravi, the Quran, the Taj Mahal etc

Note: Proper Nouns always begin with a capital letter

  1. The Common Noun: A common noun is the name of any one of a class of persons, places or things. It is shared in common by all the members of the same classes as boy, city, river, book, building etc
  2. The Collective Noun: A collective Noun is the name of a group or collection of persons, animals or things taken together and spoken of as one undivided whole, as a committee, herd and cluster etc
  3. The Material Noun: A material noun is the name of the substance or material; such as wood, water, gold, wheat etc
  4. The Abstract Noun: An abstract Noun is the name of a quality, state, action or feeling.

Quality: Kindness, loveliness, breadth; wisdom, bravery, beauty

State: boyhood, slavery, freedom, health, sickness, death

Action: laughter, reading, swimming, driving, judgement, struggle, fighting, treatment etc

Feeling: happiness, sorrow, hope, fear etc

Arts or sciences: poetry, mathematics, physics, music, drawing etc

Diseases: plague, dysentery, cholera, malaria

2. Countable Nouns: all Nouns which can be counted are countable nouns

3. Uncountable Nouns: All nouns which cannot be counted are uncountable nouns.

4. Compound Nouns: A noun formed by adding two or more words e.g. Watchman, Brother in law etc


A noun may be singular or plural according to it denoted one thing or more than one

  1. if a noun denotes a single object it is said to be in the Singular number, such as a pen, dog, man, army
  2. if a noun denotes two or more things of the same kind, it is said to be in the Plural number, as pens, dogs, men, armies