Explain the types of adjectives, with the help of examples.
Difficulty: Easy

Kinds of Adjectives:

Possessive Adjectives:

His, her, their, its, your, thy, my, our, such, adjectives, qualify nouns by showing the owner.

Adjectives of Quality:

Good, bad, noble, beautiful, such adjectives answer the question. Of what kind or of what sort? What kind of boy is Hamid? Hamid is a good boy

Adjectives of Quantity:

Much, little, some, any etc. these adjectives answer the question. How much? Read the second sentence over again. How much money has she? She has some money

Adjectives of Number:

One, two, first, second, many, few, all. We get these adjectives in answer to the question. How many?

Demonstrative Adjectives:

This, those, that, yonder, these Adjectives point out which person or thing is meant. That boy will deceive you. This man hates such things

Distributive Adjectives:

Each, every, either, neither. These adjectives refer to each one of a Number. Each man has some part to play. Neither plan will work. Either pan will do

Interrogative Adjectives:

What, which, whose. These are used to ask questions

Which boy did it? What sort of fellow are you? Whose is house this?

Proper Adjectives:

Pakistani, English, Japanese. These are formed from proper Noun