Explain the kinds of coordinating conjunctions with the help of examples.
Difficulty: Easy

Kinds of Coordinating conjunctions:

The Chief Coordinating conjunctions are:

And, but, or, nor, also, for, as well, as, both, and, not only, but also, either, or neither, or

Coordinating Conjunctions are of four kinds:

  1. Cumulative (adds one statement to another)

He as well as you are guilty

I was both beaten and fined

I was not only beaten but also fined

  1. Alternative (indicates a choice between two alternatives)

He is neither a rogue nor a sage

Either obey or leave the class. She must weep or she will die. You must run otherwise you will be late

  1. Adversative (opposition or contrast)

The tortoise was slow but he was sure. She is rich, still, she does not contend. Her husband turned against her, nevertheless, she preserved

  1. Illative (expresses interference)

He failed, therefore, his father got angry with him

He apologized, so let us pardon him