Change Active voice into Passive voice (Present indefinite tense).
Difficulty: Easy

Active Voice

Passive Voice

My teacher teaches me

I am taught by my teacher

Do you read this novel?

Is this novel read by you?

She does not read this book

This book is not read by her

We do not read this lesson

The lesson is not read by us

They do not write a letter

A letter is not written by them

Do you like apples?

Is apple liked by you?

Does he eat mangoes?

Are mangoes eaten by him?

Does she solve the slums?

Are the sums solved by her?

The lion eats flesh

Flesh is eaten by the lion

I finish my work

My word is finished by me

They wait for the bus

The bus is waited for by them

She cooks food

Food is cooked by her

He packs the luggage

The luggage is packed by him

Who boils eggs?

By whom are eggs boiled?

Who laughs at me?

By who am I laughed at?

Why do you laugh at him?

Why is he laughed at by you?

They play hockey

Hockey is played by them

I like mangoes

Mangoes are liked by me

My mother loves me

I am loved by my mother

The peon rings the bell

The bell is rung by the peon

It weakens the body

The body is weakened by it

They remove the cause of the disease

The cause of the disease is removed by them

They wash out harmful acids

Harmful acids are washed out by them

All the students like him

He is liked by all the students

We pluck flowers

The flowers are plucked by us

Mr Ali teaches us English

We are taught by Mr Ali

I do not punish him

 He is not punished by me