Change Active voice into Passive voice (Present continuous).
Difficulty: Easy

Active voice

Passive voice

I am reading a fiction

A fiction is being read by me

She is cooking a dish of meat and rice

A dish of meat and rice is being cooked by her

He is not paying me

I am not  being paid by him

Are you quarrelling with him?

Is he being quarrelled with by you?

You are cheating me

I am being cheated by you

The servant is lighting the fire

The fire is being lit by the servant

She is laughing at me

I am being laughed at by her

Are they reading books?

Are the books being read by them?

The baby is eating a banana

A banana is being eaten by the baby

They are drinking juice

Juice is being drunk by them

Ali is writing a story

A story is being written by Ali

I am listening to you

You are being listened to by me

The beggar is asking for one rupee coin

 A one rupee coin is being asked for by the beggar

Is he reciting the Holy Quran?

Is the Holy Quran being recited by him

Why are you eating rice?

Which is rice being eaten by you?

Who is making noise?

By whom is noise being made?