Change Active voice into Passive voice (Imperative sentence).
Difficulty: Easy

Active voice

Passive voice

Open the door

Let the door be opened

Shut the window

Let the window be shut

`write a letter

Let a letter be written

Polish my shoes

Let my shoes be polished

Do not make a noise

Let a noise not be made

Do not waste your time

Let your time not be wasted

Do not tell a lie

Let a lie not be told

Do not laugh at the poor

Let the poor not be laughed at

Do it

Let it be done

Ring the bell

Let the bell be rung

Open the shop

Let your shop be opened

Learn this lesson by heart

Let this lesson be learnt by heart

Eat an egg and two bananas in the morning

Let an egg and two bananas be eaten in the morning

Do not tease him

Let him not be teased

Do not shut his door

Let not his door be shut

Burn this doll

Let this doll be burnt

Ring the bell

Let the bell be rung

Post this letter

Let this letter be posted

Do not enlarge this photograph

Let this photograph not be enlarged

Steal his ornaments

Let his ornaments be stolen

Pull the chain

Let the chain be pulled