Change Active voice into Passive voice (Future indefinite tense).
Difficulty: Easy

Active voice

Passive voice

I shall meet them

They will be met by me

He will arrange a musical programme

A musical programme will be arranged by him

Will you type this application?

Will this application be typed by you?

He will sell a house

A house will be sold to him

I shall invite him

He will be invited by me

We shall buy a house

A house will be bought by us

She will invite us to a party

We shall be invited by her to a party

This scientist will invent the new machine

The new machine will be invented by this scientist

He will repent of his misdeeds

His misdeeds will be repented of by him

I shall not believe rumours

Rumours will not be believed by me

When will he announce the results?

When will the results be announced by him?

You will not beat her

She will not be beaten by you

We shall not sing songs

Songs will not be sung by us

Shall we sing songs?

Wil songs by sung by us?

What will you read?

What will be ready by you?