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Identify the branches of Chemistry in the following cases.
Difficulty: Medium
Scenario Branch of Chemistry
Hair contain a special class of proteins called keratin which are present in nails and wool. Biochemistry, since protein occurs in living organism.
Acetylene is the simplest hydrocarbon that contains carbon-carbon triple Bond. Hydrocarbons are the compounds of carbon and hydrogen. Organic chemistry, since it deals with properties of organic compounds.
White lead is a pigment used by artists for centuries, the metal Pb in the compound is extracted from its ore, galena (PbS). Industrial chemistry, since large scale production of any substance is the subject of industrial chemistry.
Sulphuric acid is a weaker than Hydrochloric acid. Analytical chemistry, since it deals with analysis of a compound.
Gases can be compressed by applying pressure. Physical chemistry, explanation of its transformation into gaseous state or solid state, applications of laws and theories to understand its structure is physical chemistry.
Some examples of complete protein food are meat, milk and eggs. Biochemistry, since protein occurs in living organism.
Element radium decays by emitting -particles and is converted into another element radon. Nuclear chemistry, since nuclear change can convert an element into another element.
Calorimeter is a device that measures the amount of heat, a substance absorbs on eating or emit on cooling.  Analytical chemistry the method and instruments used to determine its percentage composition melting point, boiling point etc. is analytical chemistry